• Meet Jackie Wilson

    Founder of Empower Education

    Growing Healthy Thriving Minds of the Next Generation

    Children of today are our leaders of tomorrow! Every child no matter their background, race, religion, gender or life experience, has a huge potential, they first need to discover the amazing person that they are and what they are capable of, to know they CAN be successful in life. With the right life skills, they will have less chance of mental health problems, be more emotionally intelligent, more creative, better problem solvers and communicators - some of the top skills needed in the business world today.


    I am a Keynote Speaker, Author and Founder of Empower Education, passionate about inspiring the next generation and ecosystem around them (parents, carers, educators and leaders) to go on a journey of self-discovery. I believe empowering them with the knowledge and understanding of who they are, along with how to grow a healthy thriving mind, they will be equipped to navigate life's challenges more easily and step into their potential


    As an emotion and empowerment coach, I run interactive INSET days and workshops to train teachers in emotional intelligence, self-awareness, mindset & resilience - "Teachers are superheroes who put their hearts and souls into teaching our children. They do an incredibly challenging and difficult job and deserve to be treated as people whose health and happiness is important".

    Empower Education’s ‘SELF Education’ and ‘Resilience Leader’ programmes have had great success in schools, I also provide bespoke programmes & workshops for children, teens, parents & educators. I also offer 1-1 empowerment sessions for children, parents and educators, to enable a whole child approach, and whole family integration of emotional intelligence.


    I brought Empower Education because of my own experience with low self-worth and poor mental health during my teens and adulthood, and was fortunate toovercome my challenges through yoga, mindfulness, positive psychology, whole brain integration, EFT, CBT and Neuroscience.This has created a huge passion to reach as many young people around the world as possible to empower them to have more happy, fulfilling and successful lives.


    I am also co-founder of the ‘Emotions Toolkit’, an interactive resource to support young minds to unlock their super power, learning to self-regulate their emotions more easily. Emotions Toolkit is designed to support children, families, pre-schools and primary schools to learn, practise and embed strategies that will last for life. We are currently designing a teen toolkit.


    Another venture I’m involved with is the amazing social enterprise ‘Positively Empowered Kids’, created to run yearly family festivals to empower and inspire the next generation.Children have opportunities to perform, run a stall, take part in fun inspiring activities, talks and experiences which will help them discover how amazing they are and believe they can achieve in life. The social enterprise also runs a professional network to inspire, share, collaborate and co-create projects for the local family community, alongside many opportunities for young people to gain work experience.


    The ‘Teacher’s come First’ conference is another venture Jackie co-leads yearly, providing a space for teachers to prioritise their mental health and well-being, building up a toolkit of self-care strategies through keynotes and interactive workshops as well as connect and network with other teachers to share good practice.


    Jackie is a keynote speaker, co-author of ‘A book of inspirations for women by women’ and ‘Believe you can Succeed’. She is also author of her upcoming book ‘This is ME – A Journey of Self Discovery for Teens’