• Secondary Schools

    Well-being for Students & Staff

    SELF education programmes & workshops for KS3-KS5

    Empowering students to see their potential & achieve higher

    Through a journey of self-discovery, students develop self-awareness, learn how to navigate their mind, grow resilience, self-esteem & confidence and social awareness. The will learn they have the ability to be successful in life, develop self-belief and have better relationships.

    Exam Resilience Workshops

    Discover how to achieve more!

    Developing the knowledge of how to navigate our mind and manage it well in the build up to exams. Using tried and tested tools and techniques, students will be better equipped to manage their anxieties and their inner chatter, focus better and achieve higher.

    1-1 Emotion & Empowerment Coaching

    A journey of self discovery, and how to be more successful in life

    Coaching is an amazing way for a young person to feel empowered to manage their emotions and tap into their incredible inner resources. Many students suffer with low self-worth due to their academic abilities, home life and friendship issues, and coaching helps them to discover just how incredible they are and how they can take steps to achieve better in life and school.

    Employability Programme & Mock Interviews

    Building up students to see their potential

    Our Employability programme takes students on a journey of self-discovery, and is particularly suited to SEND students, or those lacking self-belief/confidence. By the end of the programme they will have developed the knowledge that they have a greater potential than they realised, and have discovered personal qualities and strengths that they can tap into to be more employable and know how to create a successful life.

    Staff INSET days, Workshops and 1-1 Coaching

    Building staff well-being and resilience

    We offer many options to support the well-being of staff, as well as how to support students with their well-being. Our staff sessions can be tailor made to suit the schools requirements.

    • SELF education INSET days to develop resilience and self care for educators/support students with their well-being
    • Well-being & self-care workshops (90mins-2hrs)
    • Yoga & Mindfulness sessions (1-2hrs)
    • 1-1 Empowerment & Performance coaching for staff (1hr)

    Keynote Speaker

    Developing Potential, Growing a Success Mindset

    Suitable for students or staff, Jackie has her signature 'This is ME' 90 minute keynote, taking everyone on a journey of self discovery, travelling through the mind, to discover our capabilities, our inner treasure and our potential. Jackie shares her story of being the shy kid, struggling with poor mental health through her teens until her 30's, low self worth and body image, and her transformation to growing a thriving mind. Jackie is now a successful entrepreneur with 3 businesses, an author, and keynote speaker, and believes that anything is possible when we believe in ourselves.